We are not doctors, lawyers, or pastors.  We are God fearing followers of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are normal married people who have invested many years trying to learn about sex within our marriage and found the need for a website that provides real life sex education, resources, and products to help married couples increase their intimacy.

As we studied sexuality for married Christians, we saw a need.  Someone needed to put all this information in one spot so that people do not have to search the internet for these topics since 99% of the online results are not suitable for Christians.  It is not acceptable that in order to obtain real sex information and products, you must sort through pornography, nudity, and offensive material; hence www.sexblessings.com.  Sex is an amazing blessing from God and married couples should be excited to enjoy the spouse that God has blessed them with.

Unfortunately, Christian leaders are not in agreement about sexual theology and this is why sexblessings.com does not claim to be an authority on scripture and does not contain content about our beliefs.  Instead sexblessings.com simply provides 3rd party information to help you safely navigate your research.

As you read through our resource section and blog, you will find an assortment of articles, websites, blogs, books, podcasts, and videos from conservative, moderate, and broader view Christians.  Bedroomblessings.com offers education and products that tastefully balance the moderate interpretation of scripture.  Ultimately, it is your responsibility to determine what your theology will allow sexually within your marriage.  Pray and study so that you are solid in your beliefs and at least understanding of the other interpretations of the same scriptures so you can defend your faith.