Are “Sex Toys” ok for married Christians?

Adding intimacy toys also known as “sex toys” is a very personal question, which you should begin considering together with your spouse if you are researching the idea of adding this to your marriage. Sex toys within a marriage can be a controversial subject which is bantered around by theologians and pastors with out a perfect answer because the bible does not speak of these tools due to the advancements in technology and changes in society that are present today which were not in past days.  There are pro’s and con’s given throughout the Christian body that can help you explore in this direction.  An authoritative and well respected church, Mars Hill, speaks of the healthy ways in which you can add “sex toys” into your marriage, but also speaks as to the negative routes people can take that are outside of biblical favor in using such toys.  

Most important is the dynamics of your relationship considering each of your past issues and whether intimacy toys or “sex toys” will beneficially impact your relationship; for which only you can answer.  For those with no experience with using such toys within their relationship, a gentle introduction to the most basic of toys is recommended.  For couples who are confident in their union and the benefits of using intimacy toys, there is a wide range of tools to enhance your passion together.

Passion within a marriage is a very real and delicate thing to be nurtured that may or may not be enhanced within your relationship with intimacy or “sex toys”, however which direction you choose please don’t let your spark be dwindled.

We wish you many Bedroom Blessings within your marriage!