We recommend third party online Christian based Counselors that cover a variety of topics and issues affecting your marriage.  These are paid counseling services where you can speak or chat with a counselor; some instantly and 24/7 from the privacy of your home. Reaching out for help is not a weakness, it is a strength that can ultimately renew and restore the most damaged and broken of relationships with guidance through God’s word.

The American Association of Christian Counselors 

An Association of Christian Counselors with nearly 50,000 members.  The Christian Care Network is a national referral network of state licensed, certified, and/or property credentialed Christian counselors offering distinctively Christian care.

Their mission statement is : The Christian Care Network exists to build a Referral, Support, and Advocacy community for state licensed certified, and/or properly credentialed Christian counselors across the country.


Gospel Guidance

The Gospel Guidance Network helps you find biblical answers from an online Christian Counselor, Minister or Christian life Coach with deep knowledge of Scripture and experience for whatever you are facing.

We have online Christian counselors ready to be connected to right now!



For general tips about how to save your marriage after an affair or how to end your affair–or how to keep your marriage affair-free or If your question is fairly general, you can catch us on the AffairCare forum, and start a new thread on our personal Coping Corner with Affaircare.

If your situation requires a little more specific guidance, or if you have a more private question to ask, we do offer online coaching.  You can email us your question by clicking here and filling out the form below.



If you’re struggling with sexual sin and need help to determine which one of our counseling programs or resources is best for you, or if you simply need guidance in dealing with someone close to you who is struggling, please contact us at 888.PURELIFE to arrange a Counseling Support Call appointment.*

* Appointments are for a 30-minute one-time only call and are pre-paid ($25) with your credit/debit card.



Sexual Wholeness, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to training Christian therapists and ministry leaders to unveil God’s truth about sexuality and bring healing. In the midst of distorted values, unfulfilling marriages and confused single adults, we believe that God has a sexual plan that promotes integrity, maturity, and passionate intimacy. We desire to partner in cultivating a sexually healthy Church through articles, books, research, networking, workshops and classes that are tailored to specific populations and needs.