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We find these blogs to be a helpful source of information to build up a Christian marriage.  These blogs are individual web pages/websites that are updated regularly with opinions and information on a variety of topics which can be useful for scenarios found in most any relationship.

These blogs are basically journals that are available on the web, in which the author writes on a number of topics for a particular audience.

Start by clicking on some of the blog titles below to see if one strikes a cord with you.

The Generous Husband – How to “go the extra mile” for your wife, rather than doing only what you think is “required”.

The Generous Wife– The Generous Wife encourages women to build and strengthen their marriages.

Sex Within Marriage – The goal at is to help Christian spouses in two ways: 1) to dispel the stigma often associated with talking about sex within the Christian context, and 2) to use that new freedom to discuss sex within marriage, facilitating positive change in their Christian marriage in order to further glorify God.

Peaceful Wife – The Joy of God’s Design for Wives and Marriage

Peacefulwife's Blog

The XY Code – Decoding the male mind.

The Intimate Couple – Igniting Passion in the Marriage of Your Dreams!

Pearl’s Oyster Bed – Encouraging the low libido spouse.

Married & Naked – From “Most likely to Marry,” to “Happily Ever After,” I will share with you insight into a marriage that works . . . most of the time (let’s face it, sometimes it just doesn’t).

My Beloved Is Mine! – Married Christian Couple’s blog dedicated to providing wisdom and tips for marriages.

Intimacy in Marriage – Encouraging Christian women toward healthy sexual intimacy.

AFFAIRCARE – Christian care after an affair.

UNVEILED WIFE – Unveiled Wife is an incredible community of wives from all over the world, cheering one another along through the journey of marriage.

The Confident Mom – Empowering Moms, Strengthening Families and Embracing God’s design.

Encourage Your Spouse – Husbands & Wives Leading Meaningful Lives.

Encourage Your Spouse

Happy Wives Club – Dedicated to positively changing the tone about marriage around the world.

Hot, Holy, & Humorous – May God bless all of you with happy marriages and hot, holy & humorous sex!

One Flesh Marriage – This blog is one part of a growing ministry to with the goal of helping Christian couples realize the possibility of living in One Flesh with their spouse as described in Ephesians 5.

One Flesh Marriage

Journey to Surrender– A counter-cultural pathway to a stronger Christian marriage.

Marriage Life – Enriching marriages moment by moment.

Marriage Works – Standing for healthy, functional marriages …

Mystery 32 – Marriage can be an absolute blessing but marriage also needs constant maintenance and improvement.

To Love Honor and Vacuum– When you feel more like a maid than a mother.

Sheila Wray Gregoire

Band of Brothers – The purpose of the Band of Brothers Ministry is to offer the brotherhood of Christ to men fighting to move from success to meaning, addictions to freedom, and selfishness to God’s call.

Black and Married with Kids – One of the most popular destinations on the web for guidance on African American marriage and parenting.

Engaged Marriage – Engaged Marriage was created as a source of information and motivation for those that want something more from life and agree that our most important relationships shouldn’t be mired in mediocrity.

Marriage Gems– Research – based marriage tips and insights.

Marriage in Motion – I’m finding joy that I never knew possible from the love of my husband. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s not. I’ll talk about both. These are accounts of my marriage in motion.

The Romantic Vineyard– A Rich Harvest of Ideas to Help Your Marriage Grow.

Stupendous Marriage – We want you to have a stupendous marriage.


Gina Parris´ Winning at Romance – Building a marriage that is sizzling, sexy, and sacred.