Below is a list of websites we have found that support Christian values that cover a variety of topics.  We have taken the ugly process of searching through untasteful material out of the equation so that you can feel good about browsing through intense topics free of nudity or porn.  These sites have numerous practical applications for daily struggles.

Browse with confidence through the sites below for sources complimenting Christian values

The Marriage Bed
One Extraordinary Marriage
Christian Nymphos
Be Broken Ministries
Christian Family Planning
Dirty Girls Ministries
The Intimate Couple
Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
Safe Families
The Sexually Confident Wife
Family Dynamics Institute
Family Life Home Page
Focus On The Family 
Married and Naked
Hannah´s Prayer
Intimate Issues
Sexual Wholeness
Marriage Builders
Marriage Partnership
Real Christian Singles
Smalley Online
The Romantic Man
My Only Sweetheart